【Address Selection Support】

Address selection advice, commercial circle analysis, market analysis, consumption habit, taste analysis and competitor analysis.

【Decoration Support】

Chongqing Liuyishou has a professional design group and its decoration idea expresses modern decoration style of combining “Liuyishou” enterprise culture, local culture of Chongqing and local regional culture.

【Training Support】

Provide business and skill training for finance manager, lobby manager, kitchen manager and technician and operational person-in-charge of the franchisee before opening; annually organize franchisers to develop business discussion meeting and new product exhibition; annually hold training class for the branch managers and provide continual training service for branches.

【Preparation Support】

Provide full-course preparation tracing service for the franchisee before opening and resolve blind operation for branches before opening.

【Follow-up Support】

Provide opening support and marketing plan service for franchisees and help the franchisees to run in order; organize once or twice full-time operating inspector’s tour inspections to national franchisees annually and resolve the actual problems of the branches at site; if the branches have running difficulties, the Supervision Support Department of the Operating Center will dispatch support person to offer help at site at all time.

【Manual Support】

Liuyishou Branch Management Mode, Opening Preparation Manual, Employees’ Manual and marketing plan program, etc.

【Logistics Distribution Support】

Distribution of condiment, special product, publicity and promotion products and free procurement of raw materials.

【Custody, Joint Venture and Zero Risk】

Investment risk management and control, your investment and my safeguard, my acceptance of risk and benefit share.

【Regional Agency】

One agent is allocated for one region. The resources are unique and the business is the champion.