Choose a good franchisee, is the basic guarantee of the success of the franchise. If the choice is not considered carefully, it is likely to lead to the failure of franchise stores, and even affect the entire chain of corporate image. Only a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant in order to decide whether to choose their as a subject. The franchisee should also try to be cautious, otherwise, a hasty decision to join the entire franchise chain may affect the image and status of the public.

Therefore, Chongqing Liu hand Catering Management Co., Ltd. to develop the conditions should be made by many people, in order to weigh. The conditions to be possessed by a permit shall include:

I.Operation philosophy

No matter an individual or an organization, the franchisee should comply with the concept and operation philosophy of Liuyishou and enjoy professional operation concept, which is the prerequisite, must be equipped with entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire of success, and devote himself to the franchise restaurant.

II. Economic strength

The potential franchisee must boast a certain sum of money and invest it in the franchise restaurant. The franchiser will not provide financial support for any franchisee, which is a basic feature of the franchise operation.

III.Organization and management ability

Smooth operation of a franchise restaurant is attributed to the organization and management ability of the franchisee. Therefore, pay special attention to the former actual work experience and organization and management ability of the franchisee.

IV. Social relations

According to the actual conditions of China, the social relations of the franchisee are essential for the development of an enterprise. The franchisee should boast a vast relative network to face challenges and keep competitiveness.

V.The franchisee must participate in various trainings provided by the franchiser and spare no efforts to gain more knowledge and skills.

Make an overall assessment on the applicant to make a wise decision. The franchisee should be more cautious to avoid imprudent decision which may influence the image and status of chain enterprises.