Although the husband and Sichuan Basin plug, only the world, will therefore rise Hot pot fog wet dock. The source of very old, the nickname "Kui Xia for" three, commonly known as "five soup". The source is very general, thousand thousand gentleman gentleman feast open taste, you cook. Jeff! In two or three, I Cantie porters eat diners attention. The husband rinse, not Hot pot cover and contain everything, birds and fish. The Hot pot make trouble. "Chongqing liuyishou" in the return of the Hot pot. The name Esther has four: a Quhan dehumidification said, fine and strong bone strong; two Yue hundred vegetable hundred fishy, clapped through taste; three Yue spicy and hot, happy, uninhibited; Si Yue cup to chopsticks to, fervid Yiwang. Miaozai Hot pot, and a hand through ancient and modern, Ding fire, brotherhood of man, Kyushu no hostility.

"Liuyishou" Hot pot truly beautiful and different. The door of a rather hungry belly, the seat of God and many taste. Both enjoy a long aftertaste, and then to the more interesting to the slightest. Full boiling giant, from Sichuan and Chongqing beauty purpose, long wall painting full custom, inherited the hundred years history of thick. The rapid development of Liu Yi hand, in carrying forward the traditional cuisine and is committed to for the customer to create cultural taste, quality of life, health grade food brand, pay attention to for the customer to create a comfortable dining environment and rich cultural atmosphere. Future Liu hand will continue to adhere to the "diligence, business skilled in core values of honesty" business philosophy and "value of integrity and customers first" concept, and constantly improve the management system, technology system, operation system, quality system, at the same time, efforts to develop franchise business, enter the set of health and nutrition, high-tech, humanization and individuation in one of the hot pot of the fifth generation in the new era.