61 degrees terminal theme old pot is Liu Yi in 2013 to spare no efforts to create a 61 degrees old pot’s brands, flagship store is located in Shi Qiao Pu Hua Yu Street impression, shop overall in the style of "old wharf of Chongqing" mainly, focus on creating "trackers culture" of the old pier, namely "unity, progressive and tolerant spirit. Store decoration style in a nostalgic theme, guests into the shop can fully feel the thick atmosphere of old Chongqing terminal, not only can enjoy the pure of Chongqing hot pot old taste the fun, you can also through the store decoration style, decorations and other environmental atmosphere to build, let guests fully understand the culture and atmosphere of the old Chongqing wharf.

61 degrees wharf theme old pot store area of more than 600 square, with 39 one pot, three rooms can accommodate 300 people dining at the same time. The shop is rich in food, fresh and health, the use of a transparent open kitchen, the greatest degree of assurance of food safety issues of customers. We use a hefty price carefully from the market Amoy to the many old old objects for decoration, invited a famous painter for the shop drawing a theme painting, also has a huge projection wall, such as the Internet zone characteristic service. From the vision, hearing, smell, taste, feeling, the customer’s consumption experience for a full range of building.

61 degrees terminal theme old pot in carrying forward the traditional cuisine and committed to for customers to create a cultural taste, quality of life and health grade, pay attention to for the customer to create a comfortable dining environment and rich cultural atmosphere. We uphold the Liu hand brand "diligence, business skilled in sincerity" business philosophy and the "value of integrity and customer first" core value view, to customer satisfaction as our highest goal, continuous efforts. Believe that our future will be more brilliant!