Old church old pot, a small hall of food and Turkey: the city of farm!

61 degrees wharf theme old pot store area of more than 600 square, with 39 one pot, three rooms can accommodate 300 people dining at the same time. The shop is rich in food, fresh and health, the use of a transparent open kitchen, the greatest degree of assurance of food safety issues of customers. We use a hefty price carefully from the market Amoy to the many old old objects for decoration, invited a famous painter for the shop drawing a theme painting, also has a huge projection wall, such as the Internet zone characteristic service. From the vision, hearing, smell, taste, feeling, the customer’s consumption experience for a full range of building.

Hidden good pot!

Liu Shouqi brand -- Chongqing Tong old old food hot pot, founded in 2014, original flavor of the compound structure, combination of Chongqing traditional old pot and farmhouse style, not only the pursuit of taste and dishes of high quality, more in the form of cooking, consumption process is unique, and hustle and bustle of a step away, Lin pick vegetables, oven fry, to achieve here the whole ecological chain ingredients, you or in free dam Cafe taste good tea, Xianting chess, or their own hands to frying a meal soil stove pot, can sneak in, let waiter to do sth for sb freshly fried, enjoy pass traditional hot pot of delicious, healthy and delicious visible!